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This is exclusively the version filled in white. If ordered additionally, the white can be exchanged for breast milk or other colors. Any additional items must be added to the shopping cart. 


For each ear stud, the memories and decorative extras must be added to the shopping cart separately. This is not necessary for breast milk alone!


- 925 sterling silver
- Nickel free
- Silver
- Color: yellow gold plated

- Color: rose gold plated 


For certain ideas, a sketch can either be sent in advance by email or placed in the envelope. 

Stud earrings "Heart"

  • Size: approx. 10 x 12.5 mm

  • The various memorabilia that can be incorporated such as breast milk, umbilical cord, hair/fur, teeth, bridal bouquet, flowers, ashes, etc. can be found in the Category "Memories".

    Here you can choose which reminder should be incorporated and place it directly in the shopping cart.

    DANGER! Only small details can be incorporated into this commemorative jewel. No teeth or other fillings that should be poured into a mold (letters, hearts or other shapes).

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