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Flower preservation offers a unique opportunity to capture special moments. Every flower and every leaf carries your story and is forever immortalized in a work of art made of resin.


Before preservation 

In order to be able to incorporate flowers, they must be dried. Please send me your bouquet as fresh as possible. It is important to send the bouquet viaExpress delivery to send as it would not survive a longer shipping time and would start to get moldy.

As soon as the bouquet arrives, it is dried using a special process. The drying process can take a few weeks, depending on which flowers are in the bouquet.


Is your bouquet already dry?

If the bouquet is older and dried, the flowers can of course also be incorporated. The advantage of pouring an older bouquet of flowers is that it does not deteriorate further over time, because the flowers preserved in the resin are insensitive to air and movement.


Flower preservation

After drying, the actual preservation follows. The flowers are placed with the greatest care and poured over several layers. It is possible that an air bubble gets lost in it every now and then. After it has completely hardened, it is sanded. The grinding process takes place in numerous, manual steps. Finally, the work of art is then polished to a high gloss.



The preserved flowers should not be exposed to direct sunlight every day to avoid fading or yellowing.


PriceFrom €289.00
  • Small hexagon: approx. 200 x 180 mm

    Large hexagon: approx. 310 x 270 mm

  • Luftblasen im Kunstharz entstehen oft beim Mischen von Harz und Härter, da dabei unvermeidlich Luft eingeschlossen wird. Ich bemühe mich, diese Blasen zu minimieren und zu entfernen, dennoch können im fertigen Unikat Blasen vorhanden sein. Das Material arbeitet und verändert sich während des Trocknungsprozesses, weshalb auch nach sorgfältiger Prüfung Blasen auftreten können, insbesondere bei Blüten mit vielen Blättern.

    Bläschen entstellen dein Unikat nicht, sondern verleihen ihm Charakter und Magie. Bitte beachte, dass Luftblasen kein Reklamationsgrund sind. Perfekt unperfekt – das ist die Schönheit handgefertigter Kunst.

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